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Nowadays Social Media is becoming a trend, not only for personal but also for companies or businesses. As other companies started their Social Media, Anabatic also started its Social media Marketing from 2 years ago, but it is not optimized yet. Started in Q4/2011, Anabatic Marketing team is optimizing more its Social Media, which are Twitter (@AnabaticTech) and Blog ( In this article, I want to share how important these 2 Social Media for Anabatic.

Anabatic had been working together with some Online and Printed Media several times, and now it will strengthen its position by adding these 2 Social Media. It becomes so important for Anabatic and becomes Anabatic Marketing Team’s one of their main focuses to increase Brand Image of Anabatic.


As we all know, one of the very popular Social Media in the world now is Twitter. Why does Anabatic want to be active through Twitter? Anabatic Marketing Team realize that Twitter not only be able to be used for personal Social Media, but lots of companies also use Twitter as their tool / media to do their Marketing Campaigns. The closest samples that we can have are IBM Partner World – Singapore (@ibmpw_asean) and Temenos (@temenos). They do their promotions, marketing campaigns, or sharing some news related to them, through their Twitter accounts. They also sometimes invite all there customers and partners to their events through it.

Twitter is becoming Anabatic’s interest because it can give information and even share some news related to its businesses in Enterprise IT industries. So the Big picture is to make Anabatic becomes a benchmark for all international IT vendors in the world, about the latest Enterprise IT trends, especially in Indonesia. This all Twitter things is also supported by Anabatic new website ( that has been re-designed to give great information, especially on Anabatic’s businesses.


Besides Twitter, Anabatic also has a blog that is used for Knowledge Sharing media to all people in IT industries. This blog is made for Anabaticians (that’s what we called for Anabatic’s employee) to share some knowledges that they have and to proof that Anabaticians are the chosen people who have real knowledges and real experiences on implementing solutions that Anabatic has.

All articles in Anabatic’s blog are written only by Anabaticians (at least for now) to share their knowledge to the world, so everybody can see Anabatic’s capability in delivering the best solutions and services to customers and partners / principals.

From these 2 social media, Anabatic Marketing team wants to make Anabatic to become one of the foremost IT company in Indonesia and region, in line with its vision. Anabatic is always aiming to exist for more and more decades, but this is only one of other many ways to bring Anabatic to be a bigger company. The most important factor for Anabatic is Anabaticians’ spirit that will bring Anabatic grows each year, so it can become the most trusted partner for its customers and principals.

Hope this article is useful and motivating to all of us in developing IT businesses in the world.

by Eko Priyanto – Head of Marketing & Communications

You can follow him on his twitter @EkpLo


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